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1) Sources for Patrick Johnstone’s Books… —

During the next few days (during the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012), Biblica Books will be transitioning its inventory over to InterVarsity Press, as the publisher of the “Operation World” and “The Future of the Global Church” books (as well as many other books). Soon you will be able to buy these books directly from the online store. But during this transitional time, you can buy them from, and you can buy the digital products and maps from, using the links on their online stores. Just click to…


for all your global prayer and informational needs. Thanks to GMI for the way you’re helping Patrick over this hurdle. God bless you — and thanks for the help you’ve given to Brigada as well!!!

2) Brigada: The Lost Editions —

During 2011, during a couple of especially trying weeks, I became buried in my “day job” (which is serving as President of Team Expansion, a mission organization made up of 330 workers in 45 countries), and my “moonlighting job” (which is coaching soccer for a local Christian High School boys varsity soccer team). As a result, we missed several editions — namely, the 07/03, 07/10, 07/17, 07/24, 07/31, 08/07, 08/14, 08/21, 08/28, 09/04, 09/11, 10/23, 10/30, and 11/06. This amounts to 14 editions of Brigada (ouch) — and we’re determined to make those up to you. At the same time, in times past, when we’ve sent out multiple editions over the course of one or two days, it’s not gone over well. So, as a result, we’d like to make you a “deal.” We’ll *double* the next few issues — like a double-stuffed Oreo cookie, if you’ve ever had those before (twice the filling). We’ll also mix in a few Special “Express” Editions (like this one, which is intended to make up for the lost 7/3 and 7/10 editions). Between the two plans, we’ll make sure you get your money’s worth. Thanks for grace.

3) Is the “Best Apps for iPhone” Series Too Late? We Don’t Think so —

Over the past two editions, we’ve highlighted the best new iPhone apps for tracking your ministry miles, for a calculator, and for expenses while traveling. We’ve also highlighted a calculator and an intranet, along with a handful of news and weather apps. We’re getting lots of great comments on these apps. I’d encourage you to go back and read some of the responses. I’m convinced that our Brigada readers are some of the sharpest cross-cultural travelers on earth. One reader responded by asking, “Isn’t this series about 5 years behind the eightball?” We replied, “The iPhone 1 sold just 500,000 units.

The next model (3G) sold 2 million.

The next model (3Gs) sold 3 million.

The next model (4) sold 5.5 million.

The next model (4s) is the one I bought. :-)

Too late? Only if the value-added has somehow ended.”

Believe me — it hasn’t. So if you’re interested in apps for your cross-cultural iPhone, or if you’re considering buying one, read on!

4) Best iPhone Note-taking app —

This is a very crowded field. There are *dozens* of great note-taking applications for iPhone and several of them create brain-trusts for your mind. Before you know it, you’ll be writing, saving, and importing more resources “than you can shake a stick at” (if you’ll excuse my having ended with a preposition). As far as I’m concerned, the best of the litter, hands down, is Evernote. Available in the App Store, Evernote is absolutely free in its basic form. As is the case with many ‘basic software packages,’ you can purchase a few more bells and whistles in very affordable fashion, offering you faster scanning speeds and more space. You literally have to experience Evernote to believe it. You can import *anything* and Evernote will index and keep track of it, then retrieve it lickety-split. This is what computers were made for… to remember all the things we can’t.  And see the item directly below about how to import the notes from your Bible studies and sermons into Evernote on your iPhone, via Olive Tree’s Bible Reader. With the iPhone 4s, you can take a picture of any page of information, email it to your Evernote account, and in moments, Evernote online will have scanned the page for you, then converted it into full-text searchable and readable text. Amazing. And it doesn’t matter if you’re searching through hundreds or thousands of pages of material, Evernote is still just as fast and furious. Use tags, multiple notebooks, and even share your notebooks with co-workers if you want (one notebook at a time, selectively). This is a must-have App.

5) Best iPhone Bible app —

True Confessions here: The Bible application that I was using on my old Windows phone was simply horrible. It took forever to get to the scripture reference, and when I finally clicked through all the steps to get there, the buggy software took much of the joy out of reading through the Lord’s teachings, I’m sorry to say. Enter the iPhone and all that changed. For my own tastes, I settled on Olive Tree Bible Reader (in the App Store). The initial “base version” (with King James version) is absolutely free… but if you’re hankering for other translations (like NIV), as well as commentaries, Bible dictionaries, word studies, devotionals, etc., they’re all available — but it’ll set you back just a bit (not as much as you think). Once you get the translation you like, the experience is amazing… with a clean and clear reading experience, simple library functions to get to your other helps, a super-fast “Go to” function, and a search function to beat the band. Plus you can track bookmarks, highlights, ribbons, tags, and notes — and the notes sync across the Internet by automatically sailing into your Evernote vault (see Evernote immediately above). Honest — I don’t see how it could be any slicker, but maybe someone here will find a way. After all, personal Bible study software is inherently, well, personal. And we’ll no doubt have our Logos lovers nearby. Let’s hear it: What’s your favorite Bible app and why?

6) Do Inexperienced Short Term Missionaries Make You Nervous? —

Don’t miss the blessing they bring. Remember, you were once on your first short term mission! Help them get their hearts ready for the cultural and spiritual challenges they will face, so that they go with humility, team unity, and servants’ hearts. “Before You Go” a 40-day devotional to prepare short term missionaries by Jack Hempfling, with a Foreword by YWAM Regional Director Peter Warren, is now available as an EBook for Kindle and Nook, (Apple is in process). “I wish I had this book when I was starting out. I’d have avoided a lot of mistakes” and “Our teams are much better since we have each member get on the same page with this devotional,” are commonly heard reports from using this tool.  Excellent and easy-to-use way to get all your short termers into the Presence of God before a trip and maximize their impact during the trip.


to see a summary. Get bulk discounts at U.S. number 866-381-2665, ext 1163 (Jason), or order from or your favorite bookstore. (Thanks to the author for the way he helps Brigada, by the way!)

7) “Mission Field at Your Doorstep” —

OMF International has designed this seminar to “Unlock the East Asian Diaspora.” Hear Carolyn Kemp and David Sorteberg  (OMF International Directors of Diaspora Ministries) on February 4, 2012 (9:00 am-4:00 pm) at Granville Chapel (5901 Granville St, Vancouver, BC) at a free seminar with light lunch provided. For more information, email…


or call 604-278-1208 in Canada.

8) From the Mail Bag, Just in Time for New Year’s Eve —

Hats off to long-time Brigada reader, Stan Nussbaum, for writing this past week, “Here’s a possible item for your New Years issue of Brigada — some new words to Auld Lang Syne. For more details see


or join the Facebook group, ‘Celebrating the Messianic Year.’ New Years is a blown opportunity in most churches, hiding in the shadow of Christmas and slipping by us.”


(Note: That URL above will likely ‘wrap.’ If you have trouble reassembling it, just navigate, using the link below, to this item in Brigada Today. We’ll make sure it works there.)


Let This be the Year!

(Stan Nussbaum, based on Rev. 22:17. Tune: “Auld Lang Syne”)


Let all our false hopes be forgot

And never brought to mind.

The messianic age has dawned

And this is its sure sign—


Messiah reigns in us, my friends,

His Spirit lives in here. [hands over heart]

So come, Lord Jesus, reign on earth, [arms open]

And let this be the year!


Yes, let this be the year, O Lord,

The Messianic Year.

Your kingdom come, your will be done. [arms raised]

Please, let this be the year!


(copyright 2010 Stan Nussbaum. Non-profit reproduction permitted.)


How ’bout that! Stan, thanks a bundle for sharing from your storehouse of words, research, and meaning!

9) We Got Mail — about Last Week’s “BackPage” on Unreached Peoples —

You’ll recall that we posed some questions about a people group ‘count’ in a recent BackPage Editorial. Interestingly, several top-notch researchers took to heart what we said and began tracing various strains of that particular people group. We’ll leave the details secure, but suffice it to say that it turned out, for the opinion of these researchers anyway, that the unreached people group lists were correct, according to the best data we have. The bottom line is — when you see those numbers on those lists, remember that they’ve been carefully gathered by many volunteer and paid workers, all of whom care about the Great Commission (or else they’d be selling insurance instead). Frankly, I’m deeply impacted that these researchers cared enough to do the due diligence to verify and monitor. I’m grateful they’re helping us all get closer to understanding the challenge that remains. May God bless them, meet their needs, and give them a great new year in 2012!

10) Let’s Collect some Great Sources for Water Purification Again —

This past week, someone referred me to New Life International, with their website at…


Would you mind terribly if we collected another string of great sources for these kinds of supplies… For those who want to create clean and safe water for the nations who have little? Just click Comment below to add your favorite vendor or ministry. Thanks in advance for your help.

11) We’re thankful… —

To a worker involved in orality who sent $30 this past week and…

For another friend from Georgia (the state) who sent $15 and…

For another partner from South Carolina who sent $25 and…

Another from New York who sent $50…

And a long-time reader from Illinois who sent $100… and

Mike and the gang at GMI sent $300. Yikes… how can we ever say thanks enough??? May God bless each of these partners in ways beyond humanly possible. Thank you Lord! With everything that’s come in all year, both by check and by online giving, this brings our total to $15,126.59. That’s amazing, frankly. Of course, it’s still a ways short of our goal. (See immediately below.) But we’re grateful for what God has already provided through these and others… and we’re thankful for the opportunity to serve!

12) Would you Join a Worker in Helping Brigada Pay the Bills? —

We’re thankful that a friend from Wycliffe sent $50 this past week. He enclosed a note: “I’ve been receiving Brigada since… gee, I’m not sure; at least 15 years, and have discovered and shared with others many little nuggets from it over the years. Thanks for the work you do to keep missionaries and those interested in missions informed and equipped. I help assign, equip and prepare new missionaries for Bible-less peoples. No need to mention my name but your updates are invaluable not only for my work with Wycliffe but for my church in our missions ministry as well. Thanks.” If you have benefited during the past year, or if you’d like to spur Brigada on so that perhaps you can benefit during 2012 — or if you’d like to cover the cost for someone who cannot do so himself or herself, literally only a couple of days remain. Our goal for 2011 is $17,120. So far, 15,126.92 has come in. That leaves only $2192.39 to go — and there are just a couple of days remaining in 2011. Just click the “Donate” link at the top of the page at You won’t have to register with PayPal if you don’t want to. (Just click “make a payment without logging in” if you prefer.) Or, if you prefer, just send an old-fashioned check, payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) Thanks to those who have suggested this cause to their local church missions teams. We appreciate you!

13) The BackPage: How Do we Mobilize Nationals to Reach Their Own? —

Several of us have been wrestling with this question now for some time. How do we effectively mobilize nationals to reach their own people groups? One worker wrote, “I fear we are still mobilizing Americans to go to countries where colonialism and recent foreign policy has pretty much burned the bridges for Americans to serve there. People in the heart of the Muslim world are in their hearts resistant to Good News when delivered by Americans.  How do we better utilize the money from the West but send workers from cultures closer to those where the remaining UUPGs live?” Please keep in mind — not *every* bridge has been burned. In many locations, Americans still are loved, cherished, invited, respected, and treated with dignity. But … then there are some other spots. What’s *you’re* opinion? How do *you* propose we manage things in those spots? How is your church and/or agency working with other cultures… say… someone from the Global South? Your thoughts? Just click “Comment” below to leave your opinion. And remember, you can do so totally anonymously.

1) Attend the Missional International Church —

8 years ago, the new pastor of a church in the UAE saw an item in Brigada about the first MICN (Missional International Church Network) conference that was in Indonesia. He’s attended this important conference every year since and it’s been a great help to the church. By the way, the MICN conference this year is in Hanoi, Vietnam, April 16-20, 2012. You can get further information and register at


Thanks to this pastor and church for being a strong partner to Brigada!

2) Biblica Sells their Book Division to IVP —

The news is public now. See…


What does this mean for Brigada readers? Well one very immediate impact is that Patrick Johnstone’s new book, previously published and distributed through Biblica, is now being distributed through IVP. However, if you search IVP for the book, it doesn’t show up. What to do? The best approach is to use the book-specific site at… 


As you can see, the book link continues to link to BiblicaDirect. But you can also order the PDF directly through GMI. Your choice. Either way, you might want to try to hook up with Patrick at one of his stops throughout the next couple of weeks. He’s planning a promotion tour of five cities: Pasadena 14 – 15 Jan (Darrell coordinating, darrelldotdorratuscwmdotorg), Chicago 16-18 Jan, Colorado Springs 19-23 Jan (Mike mikeatgmidotorg), Dallas 23-24 Jan (Justin, MUP,  justinlongatgmaildotcom, Richmond 24-26 Jan (Jim JHaneyatimbdotorg). Hope you can stop by to see him at one of those stops. Be sure to tell him that you learned about his tour here in Brigada.

3) Maybe we should actually *Read* those End-user Agreements —

Recently, while evaluating a service called “KickSend,” I figured I’d better evaluate the end-user agreement. Found  a copy at….

Toward the end of the agreement, take special note of the section entitled, “Your Content and your rights.” The exact section reads, ” You agree that this license includes the right for Kicksend to make Your Content available to other companies, organizations or individuals who partner with Kicksend for the syndication, broadcast, distribution or publication of such Content on other media and services, subject to our terms and conditions for such Content use.” Read this end-user agree carefully. Basically, Kicksend is saying, “We can do anything we want to share the information, regardless of its source.” Be sure to know the potential danger that might result — if someone named in one of your files is suddenly exposed, interrogated, or, worse yet, expelled, you’ll know some of the dangers of using KickSend.

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