Month: December 2011

2) Brigada: The Lost Editions —

During 2011, during a couple of especially trying weeks, I became buried in my “day job” (which is serving as President of Team Expansion, a mission organization made up of 330 workers in 45 countries), and my...

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4) Best iPhone Note-taking app —

This is a very crowded field. There are *dozens* of great note-taking applications for iPhone and several of them create brain-trusts for your mind. Before you know it, you’ll be writing, saving, and importing more...

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5) Best iPhone Bible app —

True Confessions here: The Bible application that I was using on my old Windows phone was simply horrible. It took forever to get to the scripture reference, and when I finally clicked through all the steps to get there, the...

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7) “Mission Field at Your Doorstep” —

OMF International has designed this seminar to “Unlock the East Asian Diaspora.” Hear Carolyn Kemp and David Sorteberg¬† (OMF International Directors of Diaspora Ministries) on February 4, 2012 (9:00 am-4:00 pm) at...

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