This is a very crowded field. There are *dozens* of great note-taking applications for iPhone and several of them create brain-trusts for your mind. Before you know it, you’ll be writing, saving, and importing more resources “than you can shake a stick at” (if you’ll excuse my having ended with a preposition). As far as I’m concerned, the best of the litter, hands down, is Evernote. Available in the App Store, Evernote is absolutely free in its basic form. As is the case with many ‘basic software packages,’ you can purchase a few more bells and whistles in very affordable fashion, offering you faster scanning speeds and more space. You literally have to experience Evernote to believe it. You can import *anything* and Evernote will index and keep track of it, then retrieve it lickety-split. This is what computers were made for… to remember all the things we can’t.  And see the item directly below about how to import the notes from your Bible studies and sermons into Evernote on your iPhone, via Olive Tree’s Bible Reader. With the iPhone 4s, you can take a picture of any page of information, email it to your Evernote account, and in moments, Evernote online will have scanned the page for you, then converted it into full-text searchable and readable text. Amazing. And it doesn’t matter if you’re searching through hundreds or thousands of pages of material, Evernote is still just as fast and furious. Use tags, multiple notebooks, and even share your notebooks with co-workers if you want (one notebook at a time, selectively). This is a must-have App.