Over the past two editions, we’ve highlighted the best new iPhone apps for tracking your ministry miles, for a calculator, and for expenses while traveling. We’ve also highlighted a calculator and an intranet, along with a handful of news and weather apps. We’re getting lots of great comments on these apps. I’d encourage you to go back and read some of the responses. I’m convinced that our Brigada readers are some of the sharpest cross-cultural travelers on earth. One reader responded by asking, “Isn’t this series about 5 years behind the eightball?” We replied, “The iPhone 1 sold just 500,000 units.

The next model (3G) sold 2 million.

The next model (3Gs) sold 3 million.

The next model (4) sold 5.5 million.

The next model (4s) is the one I bought. :-)

Too late? Only if the value-added has somehow ended.”

Believe me — it hasn’t. So if you’re interested in apps for your cross-cultural iPhone, or if you’re considering buying one, read on!