True Confessions here: The Bible application that I was using on my old Windows phone was simply horrible. It took forever to get to the scripture reference, and when I finally clicked through all the steps to get there, the buggy software took much of the joy out of reading through the Lord’s teachings, I’m sorry to say. Enter the iPhone and all that changed. For my own tastes, I settled on Olive Tree Bible Reader (in the App Store). The initial “base version” (with King James version) is absolutely free… but if you’re hankering for other translations (like NIV), as well as commentaries, Bible dictionaries, word studies, devotionals, etc., they’re all available — but it’ll set you back just a bit (not as much as you think). Once you get the translation you like, the experience is amazing… with a clean and clear reading experience, simple library functions to get to your other helps, a super-fast “Go to” function, and a search function to beat the band. Plus you can track bookmarks, highlights, ribbons, tags, and notes — and the notes sync across the Internet by automatically sailing into your Evernote vault (see Evernote immediately above). Honest — I don’t see how it could be any slicker, but maybe someone here will find a way. After all, personal Bible study software is inherently, well, personal. And we’ll no doubt have our Logos lovers nearby. Let’s hear it: What’s your favorite Bible app and why?