You’ll recall that we posed some questions about a people group ‘count’ in a recent BackPage Editorial. Interestingly, several top-notch researchers took to heart what we said and began tracing various strains of that particular people group. We’ll leave the details secure, but suffice it to say that it turned out, for the opinion of these researchers anyway, that the unreached people group lists were correct, according to the best data we have. The bottom line is — when you see those numbers on those lists, remember that they’ve been carefully gathered by many volunteer and paid workers, all of whom care about the Great Commission (or else they’d be selling insurance instead). Frankly, I’m deeply impacted that these researchers cared enough to do the due diligence to verify and monitor. I’m grateful they’re helping us all get closer to understanding the challenge that remains. May God bless them, meet their needs, and give them a great new year in 2012!