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THIS article deals with the kind of CHE associated with Community Health Evangelism. Regular Brigada readers will recall that, earlier in the year, I participated in a CHE “Vision Seminar.” Now, this past week, I took the full-on “Training of Trainers” or TOT. It definitely makes for a full week. The average CHE TOT 1 course lasts 4 1/2 days. I’ll have to say, there were times that I became just a tad discouraged. Seems to me, it would be possible for a CHE trainer to push the “Great Commission” to the back burner while working on other, more visible and tangible community issues. However, in our particular course, around Wednesday, the presenters became much more detailed about the link to spiritual dimensions.

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I presented several sets of bullet points that rang true throughout the week. We looked at the goal, the Biblical Basis, the Need, the Approach, the Core Elements, the characteristics of the “CHE’s” themselves, the Steps, the Phases, Committee Training, CHE Training, and “How to integrate the physical and spiritual.” It was a fairly thorough intro. And I’m excited to say that, after having taken the TOT 1 course, I’m now more excited than ever. The 6000 lessons on the DVD are excellent. Who would have imagined the core of material that I now possess, and all the lessons we can now teach!? There are lessons on:
*** Entering the Community
*** Training the community
*** Training the CHE’s
*** Agriculture
*** Health Promotion
*** Economic Development
*** Children’s CHE
*** Disabilities
*** Women’ cyckd of Life
*** Animal Care
*** Evangelism and Discipleship
*** Bible Storying
*** Moral Values
And much, much more. Many of these lessons will scratch an itch I already had. They also taught the MODE of training in such a way that it’s incredibly transferable.

What do YOU think of CHE? Are you using it currently? If so, what have been the strong points and not-so-strong points for you? If you’re courageous enough to share your opinion, we’d love to hear. Just click the link below (“comments”), You can even comment anonymously if need be. Thanks in advance for your frankness, time and investment in others!