And get this: no contract. Greg Parsons of the US Center for World Mission, mobilizer extraordinaire Shane Bennett and Brigada fan Robby Butler are trying out a new $49/mo phone service which offers unlimited 4G smart phone service with no contract, and unlimited profit sharing on referrals. And they’ve figured out a way to rebate 20% off to testers who sign up by Aug 23rd. These guys also think they’ve figured out a way to turn this into a cash generator for missionaries and their supporters, and are looking for guinea pigs to test the system with them. Sign ups for the final round of testing close 8/23, and won’t open again until Solavei’s formal launch on 9/21. To learn more, visit


Then contact


(By the way, we didn’t ask for this, but they’re telling us that Brigada gets $20 for every person who mentions Brigada when contacting Robby, and then subscribes for Solavei under Robby’s direction.)