Bill Dillon and People Raising have done it again. His updated (2012) and expanded version of People-Raising is available April 1st and will not only inform, but will also inspire the would-be fundraiser to achieve greater levels of effectiveness through improved strategies, and up to date approaches. New sections include, using social media, confronting the fear factor, mastering 6 critical skills, coaching can make a difference, and so much more. It is a must read. Check Bill’s website out for those endorsing the new book and to order some for your staff. Quantity discounts are available.


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Pricing will be as follow:

Retail $19.99

1-24 $12.59; 25-39 books $10.39 ea.; 40 -319 books ($9 ea., 55% off)


The organization that I lead has a dedicated fundraising coach already using Bill’s principles on a regular basis. I can’t wait for her to have this newly-updated tool at her disposal, not only for the sake of our recruits, but for her own use as well. (There’s a great new section for fundraising coaches.) We need the new material on social media today. But the truth is, Bill’s principles have already been helping our organization grow more rapidly than we could ever have grown otherwise. Bill’s instruction helps our recruits connect the dots.