We’ve all experienced it at one time or another: a flurry of emails trying to find the best time to meet. At times, there are so many emails and so many dates flying through our inbox, we completely lose track of the thread.


Enter online scheduling software. You receive an email with a link, you go look at the choices, you mark the ones you can make, and — bam — you’re in and out, done. Lots more efficient.


So which is your favorite? Here are some of the top most efficient and well-known choices:







Any of these websites will do the job. Doodle is probably the most popular at this point. Timebridge seems to be on automatic pilot. (Are the Customer service guys out for coffee, or what?) ZeeYou seems like a fair challenger, but if you want to go with the one that seems to be reaching the tipping point, try Doodle.com first.