Month: October 2010

3) Online MA TESOL at Biola University —

If your job, visa, or sense of well-being depends on having this degree but you don’t want to leave your place of service, consider the online (100%) MA from Biola. Get the skills you need to teach with professionalism and...

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5) Encountering the World of Islam Online

EWI is a 12-lesson course for people interested in learning about God’s heart for Muslims and about the history and culture of the Muslim world, presenting a fresh perspective on the Islamic faith to the body of Christ in...

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8) Will your Flight have Wifi? —

You’ll be a lot likely to know in advance if you visit… This site was written up recently in the New York Times by Nick Bilton: (Hats off to the Times for giving us their...

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9) Got an iPhone? Get the NY Times for free —

Yup. Score another for Lissa. (She noticed this while working in Uganda.) Learn the details at… (Notice I refused to make another one of those now-trite jokes about...

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