Dropbox was mentioned on Brigada in 2010/09/05 under a submission about Virtual Filing Cabinet (PC only). Dropbox (Mac and PC) is indeed a great collaboration tool, but it is also a great free backup system for up to 2G+ of your data. Keep current projects in your private Dropbox folder, and every change you save to disk also gets stored on-line with a time-stamp. (Only the current version counts against your space limit!) If your computer dies or disappears, you will probably have a more recent version of your critical files than might be on your regular backup. And this on-line version history is also invaluable when you need to look back or revert to a previous version. For collaboration you can apparently specify individuals to have shared access to a specific folder, and each participant’s computer will stay synchronized with the latest changes regardless of who makes them (previous versions also remain available online). You can also “publish” items (like my draft of this submission at this link):


Referrals bump both parties free data limit (by .25G up to 8G). To get started with such a bump, visit the web comments for this item and use the most recent referral link posted there to sign up for Dropbox, then post your own referral link to let someone return the favor. Once you reach the referral benefit limit, please also note this in the web comments so further referrals aren’t wasted on you. Until another referral is listed in the Brigada comments, you can use Robby’s (Robby was the contributor of this item):


(We couldn’t agree more, Robby. We’ve heard only positive feedback on Dropbox and we can’t figure out why more people aren’t using it. Great innovation that just works!)