Month: August 2010

2) Traveling Overseas on a Regular Basis? —

You might want to get a repeat traveler’s international insurance coverage. That way, you’ll avoid the need to apply for a short-term insurance plan every time you travel internationally. By applying for a multi-trip...

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3) Best Practices in CPMs for UPGs —

Become equipped to answer the question: “What actually needs to be done for ALL of this people group to have access to the Gospel and have multiple Church Planting Movements among them?” Harvest Multiplication...

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4) Thanks to Taiwan, ISA —

Today we give thanks to a worker in Taiwan for the undergirding gift of $80 to Brigada. Along with the note requesting that she be kept anonymous, she added, “I’m happy to support the great work of Brigada. …...

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5) Are you a Fan of Brigada? —

Want to become a true Fan of Brigada? Just click on one of the “Donor” links at the top of this page at the beginning of each month. Both are safe, the one with PayPal and the other with Neither...

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4) Become a True Friend of Brigada —

Year before last, a friend recommended that we simply endeavor to find 100 friends who would each make a $100 one-time gift to Team Expansion. In a recent edition, we mentioned that a Brigada participant from greater Chicago had...

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