[Yawn] Competitor ooVoo.com has had group video calling forever. I’m not sure why it took Skype until Oct. 14th. What’s more, the feature is still in beta [yawn] and they haven’t announced pricing yet either. And to *completely* annoy all our Mac friends :-) , Skype hasn’t announced when it’ll have a Mac version of group video calling either. All of which makes me think that my ooVoo.com subscription is still a very valuable commodity. Either way though, since about 3 billion people out of the roughly 6,875,077,647 people on the planet already have Skype, I admit — Skype’s a valuable thing to have too. So you might as well get the latest and greatest [beta] stuff and try it out. That way, after you’re hooked, and after they announce pricing, you can try


to see if you like it better. :-)

Get Skype 5.0 at…


Happy [beta] conferencing.