Month: August 2010

7) Hats Off to Fremont, CA —

He wrote, “Blessings to you as you continue God’s work with Brigada…” And he went beyond words. He underscored his comment with action. Thanks to the guy from Fremont who gave $25.

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8) Become a True Friend of Brigada —

Year before last, a friend recommended that we simply endeavor to find 100 friends who would each make a $100 one-time gift to Team Expansion. In a recent edition, we mentioned that a Brigada participant from greater Chicago had...

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2) Inspiration in Challenge —

Mission work includes difficulty, but God is big enough. A new book, “Steppes of Faith: Discovering God’s Goodness in Ukraine,” shows God’s ability to sustain through hardship and work in ways the...

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3) Train for TESOL in Chiang Mai —

If you want to learn TESOL, you’re in luck. Catch this course in Chiang Mai, January 10-February 11, 2011 at Asia’s Center for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). It’s an intensive,...

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5) Experience Bible storying —

The early church spread God’s Word quickly despite persecution and cultural resistance by telling stories from the Bible.  Experience 5 days of Bible storying in beautiful Orlando, Florida with Campus Crusade for Christ...

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8) Clean Water for 25,000 People Campaign —

A VillageWater unit provides EPA-quality water for 250 people, lasts five years, and costs around half the price of a well (~$5,000).  The Clean Water for 25,000 People campaign is getting clean water to the people who need it...

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