For me (Doug), one of the most enduring and best use cases for laptops, phones, and tablets in the modern era just might be the assembling of a grass-catcher-style knowledgebase. Using one of today’s well-developed note-taking apps, it’s possible to create a virtual “mind map” of all the random bits of information we could never remember in the old days. We finally have a place to record our notes about that favorite scripture verse. We can make a new note for each sermon or missions presentation. We can jot down plans for that book we need to write. And each random “bit” is a new note – and it’s all infinitely searchable — instantly. On top of that, we can now share our notes with others – either one person at a time or “at large” on the web. One of the long-time apps for this purpose was Evernote. Honestly, it had kind of gotten “ragged on the edges” for a while. But as I mentioned last month, once developer “Bending Spoons” purchased it last year, they started breathing new life into it. You can use Ever note on your phone, tablet, laptop or the web – and have access to all those notes, anywhere, any time, whether solo or with members of your team, or your entire church. Worth checking out at You can start for free! (If it’s been a while since you used Evernote, it’s worth revisiting the new Bending Spoons version.) Do you prefer a different direction on note-taking? …or a different app? Please share and tell why in the comments below. We admit: It’s an incredibly personal decision. Tell why you’ve decided to approach it your way.