I (Doug) just came back from traveling through three cities in UK. For the first time, I had uploaded a credit card or two into the “Wallet” on my iPhone – which connected to my Apple Watch. Wow. This is a game-changer. Imagine running through a metro station trying to catch a set of metro trains (in the “Tube”). In the old days, I might have looked around for a ticket booth. No more. Using the “tap” or touch sensors on the entry gate kiosks automates *everything*. Double-click the side button on an Apple Watch then just hold your watch up to the entry-gate tap sensor on the post of the gate. Bam. You’re in. It’s instant – and lots of fun. Learn more at… https://support.apple.com/guide/watch/use-wallet-for-passes-apd4362807a0/watchos. If you travel a lot, wow – like I say… this is a game-changer.