The second ‘lense’ that Doug used for prayer (see Item 7 above) was an online web-app called Prayer.Global. Doug had created in advance a special instance of Prayer.Global specifically for the conference. This allowed users to participate together real-time in praying for 4,770 different government-assigned polygons around the world – that represented real geo-political states and districts. The developers of Prayer.Global have already populated all 4,770 regions with prayer fuel, making it easy for a conference to key in on prayers for the whole world. To see the instance used by the International Wholistic Missions Conference, just click to to see the map version. During conference prayer times, Doug showed the delegates this display view: . It’s designed to refresh every 60 seconds to reflect real-time prayers by the attenders. These pages and more are available from Prayer.Global as a labor of love at no cost to you (though you’re welcome to pitch in a donation, of course). The people behind Prayer.Global have served with Team Expansion for years. Everything they do is 100% secure – because they have worked in secure lands themselves. So you can rest assured that viewers won’t be solicited or spied upon. In fact, you’ll notice – you don’t even have to sign up to pray and use the service. Check it out today!