This Sunday, I have to speak at a church in Indianapolis. Church leadership asked me to help the church learn and get excited about needs around the entire globe. I can’t think of a better way to motivate a church to action than by going to (hopefully quite a bit in advance; don’t wait until the last minute like I did! oops). These are some amazing people in our org who have studied the world, divided it up into 4,770 places, then created a tool that lets you spin up a custom web-app to pray for all 4,770 places (i.e., the whole world). So in my case, I just clicked on the “hamburger menu” (the three bars upper right), then clicked, “Relay Teams.” I filled out a 30-second form. A short while later, the team emailed me a custom link to create the campaign I’ll hope to launch on Sunday. In my case, they gave me the link, (If you’d like to jump on board with this church in Indy, please do. Just please wait to start with us at noon on Sunday.) During the next 7 days, we’ll try to get people in the church to pray for all 4,770 places. And guess what: The entire deal is free. Hope you can use it at an upcoming prayer campaign at *Your* church or org!