I (Doug) would like to make a confession: I have been on the hunt for the best truly-wireless Bluetooth earbuds for years. So, in the spirit of searching for another Brigada “Cool Tool,” I pursued this quest with diligence. After trying out different earbud and headphone offerings by Apple, Jabra (lots of Jabras), Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, and more, I had almost given up hope. Then, just as I was about to give up hope, along came the “JBL Live Pro 2.” https://www.amazon.com/JBL-Live-Pro-TWS-Beamforming/dp/B09V9P5Q6W/ref=sr_1_3 These devices are roughly the size of a large in-ear hearing aid. They do have a little “spoke” (like Apple Earbuds) but this spoke seems to add an astonishing way to the clarify of the device’s ability to pick up good audio. These earbuds have a 10-hour battery life and, on top of that, they can fully recharge in the case a whopping 3 times, making a grand total of 40 hours between wall-charging. They offer “True Adaptive Noise Cancelling” — and it actually WORKS! As a result, they eliminate many (though not ALL) distractions to give you totally immersive audio. An alternative mode, “Smart Ambient,” keeps you alert to your surroundings with hear-through audio. The bass roars — and it, along with every other frequency, can be adjusted with a smart EQ control in the accompanying smartphone app. It recharges fully in just 2 hours, and you can juice it up for an hour in just 15 minutes back in the case. And get this: Multipooint. What’s Multipoint? It means … you finish up the Zoom videocall on your laptop, then turn to your phone (without touching a single button) and these JBLs automatically figure out which device to monitor. It’s ninja magic. But here’s the biggest deal of all: Don’t go out and spend $299 on Bose earbuds. I did – and subsequently returned them. Instead, order these JBLs for a normal price of $150. But get this: They’re currently on sale for just $75. $75 sounds like an off-brand. But JBL is anything but. It’s a famous name in speakers – and now it will become equally famous in earbuds.

So – if your special someone ever talks on a phone (who doesn’t?) and if you can scare up $75, this is without question the best gift you can buy this Christmas. AND… if you planned on buying the Bose earbuds (which don’t have multi-point and don’t sound this good), just invest the difference in Brigada and you’ll be empowering the world — and the future — with resources, information, and trends for a long time to come.

Oh – and one more thing — this is not an appeal for affiliate marketing. I paid full price for my JBLs. In fact, I paid $99. I would send them back and re-order them on sale for $75, but I don’t want to be without them for a week.

Truth: These are the best earbuds money can buy.