This is the last Brigada of the year. Appropriately enough, thanks to many of your peers, Brigada is now 76% funded for 2021. (Your friends have already given $12,939 out of the needed $17,000). Would you consider a gift to “keep the lights on” for next year? Your contribution of any size will empower a dedicated multi-core web-server with 3 CPUs with 24/7 100% up-time for your use 365 days/year, plus Amazon’s email-sending Web Service sending to thousands every week, and a part-time assistant. All it would take is 40 people giving $100 — or one daring dreamer with a $4000 gift, or anything in between. At $17,000, we stop taking additional gifts. If anything comes in after that, we apply it automatically to 2022 – but we will NOT take any more than $17K for 2021. Want to help? Just click “Donate” at any Brigada webpage: Only 48 more hours to make sure your gift counts toward the funding campaign. Thanks in advance for your help! None of your funds will be used to harm animals. 100% of it will go toward informing, advocating, mobilizing, and encouraging others to prioritize the Great Commission worldwide.