The answer is apparently yes. Coordinator Dave Empson has taken a conference that previously saw average attendances of 1500 to 2000 (with a high of 4200) and DOUBLED the attendance. Last week’s International Conference on Missions (ICOM) saw a total of 8500 people gathering in Kansas City from hundreds of churches and dozens of colleges. The offerings totaled more than $62,000 and there were 42+ new commitments by new full-time mission recruits. And there were zillions of exhibitors. Check it out (and pop in during the 2020 convention) if you want to learn how he’s pulling it off.


You can also watch free live streams of the main sessions, archived.


They even had me (Doug) give a two-minute feature announcement on Zume at the Saturday evening session. So this session is particularly interesting. hahahaha (Skip to minute 37 if you’re interested in learning more about Zume and the guy I interviewed.) :