As we celebrate what God has done in this end-of-year campaign, we’re completely astonished by the fact that, through lots of little gifts (and a couple not-so-little), you and others like you have brought together nearly $15,000! ($14,987.52) This means that roughly $2100 remains. For any last-minute donors who aren’t picky about exactly when their gift arrives (e.g., if it doesn’t have to land precisely in 2018), we hold open our end-of-year campaign just a few extra days (gifts received by the end of this week) for those who are just now reading this edition of Brigada. As a result, if you, your group, or your church can locate any final funds and make a gift that can be received by the end of the work day Friday, January 4th, we count those gifts toward our goal for 2019. But even if nothing else arrived, we are already so grateful for what God has done and the progress already made. Please join us in celebration. And if you’d like to give more, please just click on “Donate” button on the landing page of the web:

or see item 13 for more instructions about sending a check. God bless you!