In this issue…

1) Last Minute Partners: $2100 to go for 2018; Celebrating What the Lord Has Done
2) New Year Brings New Beginnings to GRC
3) Just When You Thought the World Was More Violent (It was)
4) “Pipeline” Listed As Among Best Missions Mobilization Books 2018
5) Make a “Missions Connexion” and Find that it’s “Worth It!”
6) “Teaching English as a Second Language” Certification Online
7) What, to you, were the Biggest News Stories of 2018?
8) The Brigada App is Dead. Long Live the Brigada App (via the web)
9) As we Turn the Corner into 2019, What’s your Favorite “Cool Tool?”
10) Try This Progression to Train New Believers in Christ
11) We Like Ed Stetzer’s “Three Markers for Discipleship”
12) Understanding the Art of Change: Read this Free Paper
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Are You Following the Ethne Conferences?
15) Closing Stuff