We’re just going to confess: We often wonder, “What can we do? What difference can we make in political arenas?” Honestly (we are ashamed to confess), this is the way we felt when we published the item about Bolivia. We said, “The entire world is praying for you. We just … don’t know how to help other than pray.” (See in last week’s Brigada, “7) How Shall we Pray About Bolivia?”) Well someone prayed — and maybe this prompted someone to act. Because… something changed. The DAY after we published the item, we received word from a longtime friend and Brigada participant (Thanks Ron!) that the earth had moved. Bolivia’s government (specifically, their president) had announced that the law was rescinded. See, for example, this article:


We looked back at the dates on these items and the truth was, the action had already been set into motion even before we asked for prayer about this item in Brigada. So, I guess, on the one hand, one could pose the question — why bother. What difference did our prayers make? On the other hand, someone else might counter, “Isn’t it amazing how God was already working through a world-full of people who were already praying?” And Brigada just joined the stream. Either way, it’s fun, just one week later, to announce (again) that the earth has shifted. Fathers and mothers will no longer have to fear for their lives for raising their children in faith. Pastors no longer have to fear (for now) being hauled off to jail. But now let’s bow in prayer today (with new resolve — and even greater belief that our prayers can intercede on global, political matters) that somehow, God will BLESS the president of Bolivia for making this decision and help him come to greater faith in the King of Kings. Pray that Bolivia will never return to this slippery slope of persecution. Learn more about changes in Bolivia here…


“Lord most high, we are so grateful that you have heard our prayers and the prayers of many who have gone before us. Thank you that we have been renewed in our faith that, when we speak to you, we aren’t taking some ‘last resort,’ but actually, we’re following the FIRST RECOURSE for action. Thank you that we’ve been reminded that, though we might be a political NOBODY… though we aren’t strong and mighty in the world’s eyes, somehow, when we pray, something can happen. At the same time, something causes us (lack of faith?) to fear that somewhere in Bolivia, someone is still suffering for you. Something prompts us to fear that, somewhere in Bolivia, there is still a pastor or a family who are NOT enjoying the same freedoms they had before — to testify, to share, to act on their faith. Because maybe they’re wondering if the law will come BACK, next year. So please, please give them strength, courage, and resilience. And please provide the same for ALL lands, all peoples who are undergoing persecution for their faith (of any kind) tonight. Thank you for hearing our prayers. If we doubted before, we have now been reminded of that. We love you Lord Jesus. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Oh — and PS Lord. We really don’t know how to pray for Bolivia’s President, Mr. Evo Morales. We’re sure that somewhere, there is someone plotting to overthrow him or maybe run against him. But tonight, we lay all that aside. We thank you that he seems to have listened — to SOMETHING… maybe even YOU, Lord. Would you please bless him in a special way for that? Please allow SOMETHING to happen to him in his life so that even HE is shocked… surprised… by JOY in doing something that would (seemingly to us) please you. Allow him to experience that joy and, we pray, that he would completely turn his life around and believe and CHASE after you Lord. And if he can hear this prayer… if he sees this text, please help him to know how grateful we are that he responded. Please help him to hear us say, THANK YOU!!!! That’s our prayer, in Jesus’ name.”