Last week, we highlighted a couple of books on reentry (coming home after serving cross-culturally). Both are great — and many Brigada participants commented on how glad they were to learn about both works. But we SHOULD have added one more book to that duo:

Neal Pirolo’s book, “The Reentry Team,” is a THIRD and IMPORTANT member of the TRIO of works that we should all have on our libraries. As Neal crisscrossed the United States and several other countries conducting the Serving As Senders Seminar, it became increasingly clear to him that of the six areas of care, reentry care is the least understood. Grieved by the lack of care when a missionary returns home, he was motivated to provide the Church and missions community with this resource.

Chapter 1 establishes the joint responsibility for missionary care between the Church and mission agency. Chapter 2 lays a clear five-point Scriptural pattern for a successful reentry. Later in the book, Neal provides 70-good and not-so-good-stories written by returning missionaries. Commentary follows each story to help the reader identify with the situation, provide solutions, and then translate those solutions into help for his own returning missionary friend. There are also several other general articles and a reference section.

Well done, Neal.