…Grace Episcopal (Alexandria, VA) and “TIME Ministries” (Vancouver, WA), both of whom bought policies from ISA for insurance while traveling overseas, resulting in a gift by ISA to Brigada for $33.43! If you ever need insurance, please consider ISA by visiting…


…our great friends at HonorShame.com, where you can pick up a portion of a special honor-shame paraphrased Bible for just $2.99. Learn more at…


…a special gift from “Rich” of $50, for which we are *extremely* grateful!
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Amazing that they share at the site AND share here through Brigada! We appreciate you!
…an incredibly generous gift of $600 from a great friend in California. When we asked him for the story behind his gift, he responded, “No real story, just love what you guys are doing! I have been receiving Brigada for well over a decade and nearly every time there is something I find helpful. I love the fact that you maintain a very simple text based email with no “click here for more information” or other time wasters. You guys rock! Keep up the great work!” Whoa. We are sobered, inspired, encouraged, and spurred on to keep spinning out Brigada! Thank you brother!!! May God bless you!