For so long, I wondered around in a fog, wondering — What in the world is DMM (disciple making movements)? How is it different than the way we have traditionally tried to do evangelism and discipleship? How might it even be different from the way we’ve traditionally tried to disciple believers? Are there case studies that can illustrate its huge claims of growth? Would someone please break it down into a handful of simple components so I can get my arms around it? Are there training programs I can do right now, for free, with my friends and family members locally, without having to travel far away at great cost?

Well now, all these questions and more have been answered in one podcast, about a half-hour in length. Finally, there’s a single free broadcast (that is *not* a fundraiser) in which we can learn the answers to all these questions and more. Find it here, today, …

or catch it wherever you get your podcasts (like iTunes), by searching your podcast source for “More Disciples,” Episode 29, “Practices.”