When I first heard about going online for training to make disciples who make disciples, I admit — I was a bit skeptical. I had visions of long lectures, talking heads, and mimegraphed sheets from the 1970’s. Then I saw Zume…


The developers have raised $110,000 to create (from scratch) a proprietary learning site keyed to the information, together with little 3-, 4-, and 5-minute videos that are going to be easy to translate. (A later phase has them walking this out in 34 languages!) The “homework” isn’t busy work at all. It consists of actually DOING what the lesson is ABOUT. For example, in a lesson on prayer walking, after you watch a five-minute video about prayer-walking, you discuss prayer-walking, then you actually go out and prayer walk! : ) This thing is almost clear enough to run itself. The only hitch: You have to have a group (4-12 people). If you can get past that hurdle, this Zume thing holds a ton of promise. And guess what: Because they’ve found donors to cover the development cost, it’s absolutely free of charge. No book to buy, no DVD, no satellite costs, … nothing. Use it in your church with your 29 small groups. Use it with a new life group. Use it with the guys you’re trying to equip at your university. Use it in the refugee camp. This thing holds a lot of promise. Over 100 groups formed within the first 72 hours of the Feb. 14th launch. If you have questions, watch this quick intro video..


I’ve (Doug) already taken one group through all 10 sessions and they LOVED it. Three of my five group members began their own groups within 7 days of the training! Tina’s group is ready for her fourth session and they’ve grown every week! Incredible. Try it. I dare you.