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In this issue…

1) Olive Tree Offers Brigada Users Best Bible Study Bundle Ever
2) Another Great Site to Search for that Hard-to-Locate Book
3) Two More Titles for Your Five-Star Book Set on the Refugee Crisis
4) Need a Phone Overseas? Be Jealous of Your Friend with Verizon
5) Are You an Angry Cross-Cultural Worker?
6) Looking for a Free Alternative to Microsoft Word?
7) Hospitality Options for Missionaries
8) Help Your Missionaries Thrive: (The Book)
9) Train and Place Your Church Mission Team in 12 months
10) Catch this New 10-minute Video on Immigration
11) For Those Who Thrive on Bible Studies: The Longing in Me
12) This App Will Keep Your Kids Busy on the Plane : )
13) Yikes: Did I really Switch to Microsoft OneNote?
14) 14) The BackPage: Feedback to “Discovering the UPG Near You”
15) Closing Stuff