olivetreeHow ’bout this? Olive Tree, the makers of what might be the best and most affordable Bible Study App on the market these days (the one we use here at Brigada, by the way) has just noticed Brigada! They saw our recent promotion of Olive Tree’s Bible Study app and offered to give Brigada users special pricing. First, they let us choose which translations we preferred. We begged and begged for two in particular: NIV and Holman Christian Standard. We were hoping to get the price down for Brigada users — so we were shocked when they came back with the idea of offering it to the Brigada audience for FREE until September! Can you believe it? They threw in several other translations, commentaries, maps, devotionals, and an index or two. And it’s all FREE! And the app was already our favorite anyway. When I (Doug) downloaded the app some time ago, I had to PAY to get NIV. Now, Brigada users get it for free! Even if you use Logos or any other app, please try this. You’ve nothing to use. Options are also available for just about every digital device you own.

Please let us know how you like it.