It’s been a few years, literally, since we mentioned . But, as Brigada participant, Brian, reminded us this past week, it really does make for an easy way to send a real card with any type of message. The cards are actually very fancy and on good quality paper. They actually look like a Hallmark! You can click a button, pick a category of card (condolence, thanks, holiday, etc), then pick from hundreds of nice looking designs, colors, pictures, quotes, etc, and they’ll print, address, stamp and mail it in an envelope. So global workers could use these for a great touch to send to a friend, family, or supporter who’s experienced a loss, a special milestone, or send them just something during the holidays. You can also have gifts sent, like chocolate, wine, brownies, etc. You only pay when you send a card. Otherwise, there are no fees. It’s $1.98 for most cards, which is the card, design, your customized fonts/font size and message inside, the addressed envelope and postage.

(There’s even an “affiliate” plan, if you’re in to that kind of thing, through which you can use it to make personal gain. We aren’t using that affiliate plan when we provide you the simple link above, but it might help you to START using it!)(Thanks for the reminder, Brian! And thanks for your work with TRAIN!)