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In this issue…
1) What Kind of Impact Can Brigada Have?
2) How Do We Understand the Complexity of Languages in our World Today?
3) International Congress on Language Learning
4) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand
5) CSGC Needs Researchers, Writers, Editors, and Others
6) Reaching the Hard Places
7) How Do You Learn about Global Missions From Your House?
8) Share your faith: One App, Four Tools, 37 Languages.
9) Need a Notary while Overseas? Check THIS out
10) How Do You Send Lots of Messages at Once?
11) Mobile Ministry Made Easy
12) Where do you Turn for Mid-Level Web Hosting?
13) We’re grateful for…
14) The BackPage: What’s Your Take on Today’s Christian Colleges?
15) Closing Stuff