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In this issue…

Jump to 1) Give your Member Care System a Jump-Start
Jump to 2) “Where are you FROOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM?”
Jump to 3) Read the Pew Report about the Growth of Global Christianity
Jump to 4) Who Does Social Media Well?
Jump to 5) Tell Jesus’ Story to the Unreached
Jump to 6) Exemplary Video Showing Effects of Prayer with Every Home for Christ
Jump to 7) Manage all your Events in a Fraction of the Time
Jump to 8) Managed Missions Wants to be Your Go-To Management Site
Jump to 9) Doing Short-term trips? Study the Standards
Jump to 10) Need a Free Get-Away in the Kentucky Area?
Jump to 11) A Checklist for Considering Missionary Candidates
Jump to 12) “Alongside” for those Needing Restoration and Renewal
Jump to 13) We Give Thanks for…
Jump to 14) The BackPage: Fundraising and Development Remixed
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