Africa Feeding KidsThanks to Pat, who shared this past week this article from the New Republic…

[2 Warnings: It’s a VERY long article and second, the author uses some “choice” words in writing the article, apparently trying to achieve some “effect.” If you can get past those two downsides, the article does EXACTLY what Pat asserted: it challenges our thinking. Yikes.]

We’ve all come across “Helping without Hurting.” We want to believe we’re making things better, both around the world as well as inside our orgs. But, among other things, this article gives numerous examples of unintended circumstances, some of which are quite messy.

At the end of the day, one thing is for certain: Our initiatives will all have an impact. It behooves all of us to bump up our level of concern about what it is we’re actually accomplishing, as well as how we’re reporting on it.

What were your thoughts about the content of the article (aside from the ‘choice words’)?