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  1. PRAY FOR MUSLIMS YOU LOVE — Ramadan has begun. Now you can observe the fast by praying for the Muslims that you have come to love. Just send an empty email to

    or log on at .

    30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus calls all Christians to pray for all Muslims during Ramadan, 06 November – 05 December 2002.

  2. USE THIS FREE ONLINE PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION! — Looking for a free alternative to team project management? Look no further than is a free, online, web-based team project management application that you use with your web browser. Once a project is created, users assign tasks to team members who are then solely responsible for that task. Each member can, in turn, convert the task to a sub-project to break it down to more detailed steps or for delegating to an extended team. An integral part to the system is email notification. Each team member as well as the project manager has great flexibility in controlling the flow of email. The team can receive a list of outstanding and upcoming tasks as often as daily. Project managers can receive notification of task completion as well as other task management duties. One Brigada user wrote, “Our team has been using this new free method for goal/project management for almost two months now and has really been impressed. As with all free things, it may not have everything, but it has surprisingly more features than you might expect for a freebie service. One great item is that you can have your upcoming Personal Ministry Plan items emailed to you one to seven days of the week. One bad draw however is that it is all online. So, it would work mainly for those who have always on/available internet access. Visit their site at (Thanks for the treasure-trove find, Matt!!! Great discovery! I looked up their PC Magazine review and they received *very* positive marks. Can’t believe we hadn’t announced it here before now! Well done.)

  3. PEOPLE ON THE MOVE (THE BOOK) — With nearly 500 pages (including tons of footnotes and other reference documentation), _People on the Move_ is perhaps the definitive book on nomadic life and its impact on Christianity… as well as Christianity’s impact on nomads. Written by David Phillips, a well-traveled researcher with WEC, this $20 book will be your “best buy” to learn about those who travel — as a way of life. As for me, I immediately turned to the section on East Africa, since our mission is starting up a work among a nomadic people in that part of the world. I was surprised to see just how many other nomadic peoples make up that vast part of the world. You’ll find new treasures too. Order from: Gabriel Resources 129 Mobilization Drive PO Box 1047, Waynesboro, Georgia30830-2047, or call them toll-free in the USA at 8-MORE-BOOKS or email .

  4. MISSIONS TEACHING OPPORTUNITY — Joy Christian Academy needs mission teachers and an administrator for their Elementary and Secondary levels in Cebu City, Philippines. Joy Christian Academy educates missionary and international children K-8 and, with plans to expand to high school, they’re a school “on the move.” All they need is additional staff. For more information contact Les Tilka at .

  5. ARE YOU WORKING IN A “SENSITIVE” COUNTRY? – Have you been diligent to observe a high level of security in all of your correspondence? If so, then you might be very surprised to find your name prominently listed as a “missionary” in that country on more than one web site! Do a web search using your full name (enclose it in quotes to limit the results). If that returns too many irrelevant hits, try including your current and past organizational affiliations in the search phrase. Depending on the sensitivity of your situation you might need to write to several webmasters asking them to remove your name from their site. Even though we might be sure that our motives are pure and noble, our host nation might misunderstand our intentions and consider us unwelcome, then act to prevent future stays in their land… or worse. A word to the wise… (Thanks to the user, who wanted to remain anonymous, for this admonition.)

  6. ESL CHILDREN’S SERMONS WANTED — Here’s a ministry looking for a website with online sermons suitable for children who speak English as a second language. The ministry would like expository sermons that go through a Bible passage (like Nicodemus), applying it to the child’s life. If you know of a source, please e-mail . We’ll ask for a report from them when they’ve gathered some options. Thanks!

  7. INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIONS IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT — IFCD is about to start up in South Asia. The 12-week lecture phase is designed to prepare you to minister in disadvantaged communities which desperately need the Good News in Word and Deed! Topics include Group Dynamics, Biblical Basis for Community Development ministry, Biblical World View and Development, the Church in Development, Basic Appropriate Technology and Primary Health Care, Income Generation and Economic Development, Cross-cultural issues… Field assignment and internship options post-lecture phase. Focus – South Asia and Afghanistan. Costs range from US$1200 to $250, depending on your citizenship (Western nations pay more). Pune, India, is the training location. You must have already completed U of Nations/YWAM Discipleship Training School or CDTS and you must have a heart for the poor and needy. Sessions begin on January 27th 2003. For more information, contact .>

  8. GET YOUR TESOL TRAINING — Here’s a five week intensive TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course in the Southern Philippines. It will include a student teaching practicum among Muslim students at a local university. The course dates are April 7 to May 9 2003. The cost is only $500 U.S. which includes board, lodging, books and resources, teacher’s fees and registration. (You pay your own air fare). The cost for Philippine citizens is P15,000 (Pesos). The course will equip you as a certified TESOL teacher and a certificate will be awarded for the course. It combines the academic with the practical. For more information contact Melody Kuka at .>

  9. PERSPECTIVES ON-LINE — No Perspectives course in your area? Try Perspectives On-Line, a joint project between International Christian Ministries and the US Center for World Mission. The On-Line course can be taken for Certificate, BA and Graduate credit. The course meets the prerequisite for Perspectives Coordinator training. For more information go to: and then click on “Perspectives Course” and then on “Perspectives Online”. (You must be able to connect to the Internet to participate, of course).

  10. EBAY BUYS PAYPAL, REFERRALS STILL WORK! — Remember PayPal, the Internet payment service? In the past, there were times when users would complain about poor management. If you don’t believe that, just look at: . I just love passionate people. :-) As you’ll see there, some didn’t feel fairly treated. But many others … perhaps the majority … have used the service effectively. For example, I’ve been a PayPal user now for literally years and have yet to have a single problem with them. And now they’ve been bought by eBay, which should only help their management and customer orientation. They’ve added multiple currencies and are becoming more of an international service. You still have to have an email address… and to use the service effectively, you probably still should have a USA-based bank account… but if those are possibilities for you, PayPal might be just the thing for your Internet payment or exchange. At Team Expansion, we even use it for donors who would like to give gifts to us over the web. Without exception, all of those gifts have always come through. And now, they even offer a money market option for the money you keep on hand with them. As in every Internet service, I’d suggest you be conservative and wise. Don’t keep large sums of money in your PayPal account if that makes you feel uncomfortable. But with eBay now backing them, they’re not about to go away anytime soon. If you’d like to join PayPal, and if you have an email account, a verifiable bank account, and $250 to deposit to just kick off your PayPal account, they’ll give you $5 just for joining… (so your money will immediately become $255), and what’s more, they’ll give Brigada $5 for recommending you. It’s a great way to donate to Brigada without ever having to give up a single dime. (You can always just withdraw your $255 immediately after starting your account and your PayPal membership stays in force without any “minimum balance”.) Just click on the link below to get started. It’s relatively easy:
    (By the way, you can also use this same link to make a donation to Brigada at this very moment, using any valid credit card.) Check out that currency conversion feature! Thanks for being a part of Brigada!