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  1. PERSONAL SUPPORT RAISING BOOT CAMP -— The BodyBuilders will be holding an independent Boot Camp in Dallas, TX, November 19-21, 2002 as pre-conference event to the Ivy Jungle Network national conference. The training is designed for new and veteran missionaries. Extensive preparation is required for the seminar and there is limited space is available. To pre-register go to: .

    For more details e-mail or call (501) 329- 4881.

  2. SYNDICATED WEB OFFER — Canadian Bible Society’s Bible Network News brings weekly up-to-date news from around the world. It does not just focus on Bible translation issues, but offers a wide range of international stories of general interest.

    The added-value of BNN is that it can be syndicated directly into any Christian website with a line of javascript code. Furthermore, there are a range of different options to suit the differing requirements of webmasters. Here’s a resource that is suitable for church sites, portals, indeed just about any sort of site aimed primarily at Christians. Check it out at…

  3. BRIGADA WEB PAGE HITS #1 SPOT OF 628,000 AT GOOGLE — Okay… so you head on over to and you do a search for the word “evangelism”. What page do you reckon ends up in the #1 spot? A Brigada page, in partnership with Tony the web-evangelism guy. Can you believe it? Give it a try. Out of some 628,000 pages, the Brigada web- evangelism guide is “numero uno”! Not 28th, not even 10th, but 1st! So everybody go check, then click on the page… so it’ll stay up there! :-) Seriously, thanks to all the Brigada and web-evangelism participants for helping take the site to that #1 position! Thanks, too, to Tony for all his hard work promoting it.

  5. UNIQUE HANDS-ON MEDICAL MISSIONS FOR UNDERGRADS — Here’s an opportunity to combine medical experience, academic credit, financial sponsorship, and adventure travel for health professions undergrads from any country. This is not just “shadowing” a doctor or dentist but truly a chance to be part of the team. Openings in Central America, Mexico, and Tanzania. For more information , go to . Contact .>

  6. GEORGE PATTERSON BOOK FOR FREE TRIAL — Now you can get “Come Let Us Disciple the Nations” Interactive E-Textbook for a free trial. We know that evangelism, discipleship and reproduction is vital to the growth of any healthy church. But how do we do all this without a big budget and expensive equipment? What’s more, how can we train and reproduce leaders in different cultural situations? “Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations” will walk you through all these important components of multiplication. and search for the or write .

  7. THE MAN FROM GADARA — Discover what God is doing in the Muslim world through this exciting new book by Roland Muller. Learn how Abdallah came to Christ and then started planting churches among his own people. Enter into the lives that have been transformed and the struggles that face an evangelist in the Muslim world. But this is more than a story. Authors Roland and Abdallah carefully plot many of the steps that God uses to bring people from Islam into the light of the cross. They go on to share some of the struggles and lessons that have been learned while planting churches in the heart of the Muslim world. Download the full book now from using your Paypal account. ($4.00)

  8. GOOD DISCOUNTS ON MISSION BOOKS — Gabriel Resources has released a new MissionWorld mission resource catalog. They’ve packed it with over 150 books and Bibles, all at special discounted prices. Gabriel Resources is committed to bringing together resources to mobilize and equip world Christians. This edition also includes: an article by PIONEERS East Asia Area Director, a focus on China & the Persecuted Church, and unreached peoples Video Profiles by Create International. Check out special Bible offers, Operation World gift pack & “God’s Great Ambition” designed as low-cost holiday gift ideas for missionaries & missions supporters.

    View the catalog online at Email to have a free copy sent to you or call toll-free 1-8MORE-BOOKS (1-866-732-6657) or 706-554-1594 (outside U.S.).

  9. MISSIONARY IN TRAINING PROGRAM –- The Mexican Medical Ministries will offer a cross-cultural immersion training experience called “Missionary in Training” (M.I.T.). This program is for leaders of short mission trips or those that are considering long-term service in a Spanish based country. Some of the training sessions will cover the following: “Using Health Fairs with the Local Church”; “What does it take to make it to the Mission field?” “Discovering and fulfilling the Call of God”; “Evangelism tips for short term groups”. The M.I.T. will take place in Baja, Mexico. The dates for the next M.I.T. will be June 4 – 11, 2003. For more information: 619-420-9750 or> or for information on Mexican Medical Ministries: .

  10. TEACH CHILDREN IN CHRIST — Are you ready for an all expense paid adventure in Christ? Are you a Teacher, or Administrator who is ready, willing and able to share Christ’s love with expatriate children (and their families) in China? International Schools of China (ISC) just might be the avenue that the Lord has provided for you to do so! If you are interested in learning more about the various opportunities available within this network of schools, please contact ISC immediately>; or toll-free (877)472-4447, or internationall at 1(360)697-8992! Openings are still available for the 2002/2003 school year!

  11. THE BACK PAGE — The Middle School soccer team I coach has had a good season. We lost only once… our first game… and even that, we lost only by one goal, and our opponent scored that goal in the last 10 seconds of the game. Throughout the rest of the season, we never lost again. So our team had become fairly accustomed to winning. They weren’t showy or cocky, mind you … (well, maybe a couple were just a tad cocky :-) ), but they always treated the opponent with dignity and congratulated them on a good effort (after we would trounce them 4- 0 or whatever :-) ).

    This past week was different. It was the post-season tournament. And we had drawn the enviable position of first seed, meaning that we had a “bye” until the semifinals. Trouble was, our opponent was one of the toughest challenges in the tournament (at least, in my assessment). They had, in my opinion, great foot skills, a great short-passing game, tons of combination play, and lots of excitement and eagerness. Plus the tournament was being played on their home field. Yikes.

    We had beaten them 3-0 during the regular season. But I told our team before the game that they would be out for revenge. I was right.

    Despite our best efforts, our most intense training, and our high spirits, we were unable to pull off a victory. After we scored first, they inched ahead 2-1 off a bobbling ball in a crowded box that our keeper just couldn’t snag. Rats. We lost. (Insult to injury: one of our defenders was called for tripping in the box later in the game, resulting in a PK, which they converted, making the final score 3-1.)

    After the game, I gathered the team together, arms over each others’ shoulders. I quickly told all our players, “We’ve won again and again with class… Let’s lose with class too.” We shook their hands and told them “good game.” I congratulated the other coach on a game that his team had won fair and square. I tried to help our team see that the outcome was actually out of our control. All we could do was focus on the process. If, in spite of doing our best effort with our best training, we lost… then so be it. Our satisfaction had to come from knowing we did our best.

    As workers for Christ abroad, we won’t always be able to control the outcome of our ministries. We owe it to our supporters, our families, ourselves, and our Lord to do our best… with the best tools, the best energy, and the best personnel we can muster. But at the end of the day, if our campaign doesn’t yield the results for which we hoped,… if our correspondence course fizzles, … if nobody comes to the movie night, … if attendance drops when it should climb… at the end of the day… we can’t control the outcome. We can only control the process. Granted, we need to be sure we’re seeking out the best training, the most effective methods and resources, and the absolute best coaching (both from earthly mentors as well as the Father of Lights). But having done all that, … life goes on. There’ll be another movie night, with a different movie. I mean… speaking of movies… not even Tom Hanks gets the girl back in _Cast Away_. :-) Remember what he said? “Another breath. Another day. Life goes on.” Good advice for discouraged team members… and maybe for discouraged missionaries too. Life goes on.