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Brigada Logo Brigada, pronounced “bree-GAH-dah” (rhymes with armada), is the rough equivalent of a “brigade” — in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian and even Filipino! Founded 25 January 1995, the idea is to stand side by side to pass buckets of hope for those most in need of Christ’s eternal message! Check out nearly 5 years of weekly back issues at https://brigada.org. See recent back issues and links at http://www.eGroups.com/list/brigada-today. Brigada Today is compiled by Doug Lucas DLucas@teamexpansion.org, Louisville, KY.


Brigada Logo So why, after 2000 years, would there still be 2000 people groups, tribes, castes, and kindreds without sufficient numbers to evangelize their compatriots? In our opinion, this is the real Y2K crisis. Want to make a difference? Why not attend BrigadaFest 2000 in Louisville, KY, Feb. 3-5. Stem the tide of the “Why 2K!?” crisis! This meeting is especially designed for
  1. missions mobilizers to share “shop talk”,
  2. church leaders to discover ways and means of adopting and reaching those without Christ’s message and
  3. bringing together “a” and “b”.

Hear Caleb Project on people group advocacy, learn about PACE (a prayer-based approach that follows a special church-oriented strategy for accomplishing Mission), and sit down with Interdev to learn about forming international partnerships. Register on the web by going to http://www.teamexpansion.org or write Angela AKeeran@TeamExpansion.org in Louisville, KY.



praying hands Coinciding with Christmas 1999 and the beginning of Y2K, millions of Christians worldwide will again humbly learn about, intercede for and reach out with God’s love to our “biggest” religious neighbor–the Islamic world. As Muslims seek to honor God and fulfill one of their religion’s major obligations, we will ask God to indeed draw near to them. Booklets are available in over 25 languages and the N. American English edition is in full color this year. For more information about the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus, write wcn@xc.org, or call toll-free if in the USA (or via Net2Phone) (888)WCN-NEWS.


Joshua Project 2000 logo Dan the man, from AD2000 & Beyond, wrote this week to update us on the status of the Joshua Project List of Unreached Peoples. He’s currently listing 1596 peoples with 1118 having no church of 100 reported. Together, some 542 have no on-site planting team, and 188 haven’t even been claimed yet. We’ve still got some work to do! But look how far we’ve come!!!


graduation cap Veritas College offers Integrated Leadership Development using a self study interpretation of the Bible. The course is not run from a building. It is affordable — $40 a year. According to the organizers, a successful field test in Romania resulted in 17 churches being planted. For more information see http://www.veritascollege.com or email nicoe@umfolozi.ntech.ac.za


dollar sign Okay. It’s for real. We got our first check from iGive.com this past week. Granted it was only $12, but hey… that’s $12! They have tons of shopping sites there . . . and you can add others. Just go to http://www.igive.com first, then use the links there to connect to other sites to buy toys, electronics, and more. Your designate your shopping points to your favorite non-profit (make sure yours is registered there first!), who then gets a check, not unlike a frequent flyer awards program! It doesn’t cost the consumer a dime to participate… but could result in great gains for the non-profit . . .like . . .maybe a $12 check! :-) (Thanks for the reminder Eric!)


Brigada Logo Want some info. from the Brigada autoresponder? It’s easy. Just address your email to one of these file names, with “@brigada.worldchurches.org” tacked on the end. All the files are free! So… to get the first file, compose an empty email (subject ignored) and send it to this address: <blind-resources@brigada.worldchurches.org>

(Note! Please don’t simply send a reply to this Brigada Today — and whatever you do, don’t email it to Doug! :-) Look again at the instructions above!)

blind-resources (24K — to help you reach the blind)
brigada-submissions (3K — how to submit items for publication)
children (81K — how to best help the children of the world)
cults-resources (46K — to learn about cults)
deafministry (5K — to help those who cannot hear)
email_traveling_tips (14K travel and stay connected)
evaluating-missions (22K — accountability and missions)
file-list (3K — this file list)
family-missions (6K — resources for helping families in missions)
housechurches (17 — how to start them)
indigenousmusic (5K — resources to help best bring it about)
interpersonal-skills (3K — learn them!)
leadership (7K — resources to learn how to do it)
muslim-outreach (58K — understanding how to share hope with them)
muslim-training (15K — where can you receive live training)
opc (3K — read this before sending any forwarded emails!)
packing (36K — the best cartons, routes, routines, etc.)
puppets (70K — how to start a ministry with them)
satphones (7K — resources and tips)
stripreturns (3K — macro for Microsoft Word; removes carriage returns)
tesl (13K — programs to learn how to do it)
tesl_resources (41K — curriculum, guides and other helps)
top20upgs (11K — 20 high priority unreached groups as of early 1999)
transition (12K — transfer your mailing list from xc.org to egroups)
travel (19K — saving money on airfare for international travel)
turkish-resources (11K — Turkish christian resource directory)
unreached-directory (149K — ministries who provide info on unreached)
untargeted (12K — the least targeted groups as of Aug. 1999)



Larry had to know. So he asked! We put the word out on Brigada Today (September 24, 1999) and he got 22 responses… in 4 general categories (Detailed Packing Tips, Container Recommendations, Keep It Simple, and Shipping Agents/Consultants). Folks told him about trunks, boxes, barrels, Rubbermaid trashcans, cubical computer boxes, tea chests, hockey bags, bicycle boxes and even shipping agents/consultants — the works! Several individuals gave detailed packing and travel tips. And some gave a caution to seriously consider what message the things you take can send to the people of your host country, with reference given to the article “18 Barrels and 2 Big Crates” from the April 1992 issue of Evangelical Missions Quarterly. A word to the wise. To get the full report, write to: packing@brigada.worldchurches.org. Thanks Larry!


When you have a chance, stop by http://www.firetalk.com to check out yet another instant messaging format (like ICQ). It’s reportedly firewall friendly, it’s free, and it’s fast. Both communicators need to have firetalk running on their computers. Thanks Roger!


graduation cap International School of the Bible, Marietta, GA, USA has a free web-based discipleship course (over 100 lessons-English) as well as short devotions at http://www.isob-bible.org. (The course is also available in book and CD-ROM for nominal S&H.) Check out testimonies from ISOB locations in Africa and Haiti and other places. This course which emphasizes the Blood Covenant has been especially effective in the third world. Instructions on starting a virtual Bible school for discipleship. You can also write isob@xc.org or call 770-565-8736 in the USA.


movie camera Got a Christian video? Looking for one? Check out http://www.christianvideos.org. The organizers would love for you to enter info. on your list of videos! (Thanks Kenneth!)


cd-rom and book The International Electronic Library, a study and research tool being developed by Dr. David Goodman, President and CEO, with the help of the International School of Theology and Logos Research Systems, is looking for assistance from those who are familiar with resources in the following ten languages: FRENCH, MANDARIN CHINESE, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, RUSSIAN, ARABIC, JAPANESE, INDONESIAN, KOREAN and VIETNAMESE.

Specifically, assistance is needed from those who

  1. have electronic expertise, especially with scanning in OCR format
  2. know books and can assist in selecting the best books available in these ten languages for training pastor and church leaders around the world.

If this is you, e-mail Wendy wludo@megsinet.net.



syringe Are you a physician interested in missions in the 10/40 Window? For the past 6 years the In His Image Family Practice Residency Program has been taking short term medical education trips to Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, China, Ghana, Egypt and other countries where they teach medical topics to medical students and doctors. Each conference ends with a spiritual/moral/ethical conference as a way of sharing the gospel. The fields are truly ripe! For more info, write Bridget admin@inhisimage.org or visit http://www.inhisimage.org.


Bible Check out Audio Scriptures International’s web site for Scripture in Real audio and with MP3 files. They have their Portrait of Jesus arrangement of passages from the gospels on their web site in 57 languages. Real audio and MP3 players for listening can be downloaded for free when you select the desired language at http://www.audioscriptures.org. You’ll be glad you’ve checked this out. It’s a great way to share the essential truths about Jesus Christ with those who need to hear in their own language.


graduation cap The Western Honduran Extension Bible Institute (HEBI-West), currently serving several hundred pastors from many denominations, has put together superb, culturally suitable, Spanish pastoral training materials available at a low cost. Each of the five TEE, self-study manuals of the “Compendium de Preparacin Pastoral” were written by George Patterson and manualized by HEBI-West. Good use of graphics, Q & A’s and practical homework. 100-150 pp each. $3 each (this includes postage). For info, write Patrick connor@hondutel.hn.

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