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Brigada Logo Brigada, pronounced “bree-GAH-dah” (rhymes with armada), is the rough equivalent of a “brigade” — in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian and even Filipino! Founded 25 January 1995, the idea is to stand side by side to pass buckets of hope for those most in need of Christ’s eternal message! Check out nearly 5 years of weekly back issues at See recent back issues and links at Brigada Today is compiled by Doug Lucas, Louisville, KY.


Actually, we now have more than 100 [ways to say Merry Christmas in different languages]! . . . thanks to Jake! Get a copy of Jake’s multi-lingual Christmas greetings file by sending an emailed note to: Last year, we finally put together some 30+ ways to say Merry Christmas. Now, thanks to Jake’s advance work, we’ll be much closer to meeting our goal of having Christmas truly happen in every land!


world globe “What a testimony that this year, this small group of people — we Evangelicals make up only 0.2% of Albania’s population — cared for 15% of the refugees that came from Kosovo. And that this little baby church has sent missionaries to Kosovo. Several Kosovar pastors who survived the torture were with us. It is a blessing that we see ourselves as one church. It is also a testimony that outreach happening to minorities, both here and in Kosovo are at the hands of Believers.”
(Source: Field Report from Eastern Mennonite Missions, 19 Nov, 1999 )
Global Glimpse is compiled by John Hanna, Caleb Project, Littleton, CO.


The ALMA missionary training center is set to open in Paraguay on January 12th, 2000. The vision of ALMA (America Latina Misiones Al Mundo) is to serve as a Christian community that will help to mobilize, train and prepare Latin Americans to have an active role in helping to fulfill the Great Commission especially in those most unreached areas, both in Latin America and to the ends of the earth. The ALMA training program is designed to provide a complementary balance between classroom studies and practical ministry training. If you would like more information about the ministry of ALMA you can check their web site at or e-mail: The website is both in English and Spanish. Interested students may fill in the preliminary application form on line, or send for the email version. The staff at ALMA would appreciate BRIGADA readers forwarding this announcement to their Latin American mission-mobilizing friends.


telephone Okay – we’re going to try to run another item about callback services, in case there are still some folks out there who haven’t tried them. (The condition: that nobody gets a kickback. :-) There are just too many kickback plans among our 10,000 member constituency. We’re preaching to the choir.) Try GlobalTel International. Call from the USA to these countries for these “cents/minute” rates:
Germany for 13.5,
Hong Kong – 15.5,
Israel – 18.5,
Japan – 16,
Mexico – 28.5,
Norway – 13.5,
UK – 12.5.
The same rates apply if calls are made from these countries to USA. For rates between any two other countries in the world, go to:

There is no cost to open an account with GlobalTel. There are no statement fees, no monthly minimum charges and no per call surcharges. The only cost is the actual phone calls you make. Rates are good 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other features offered are secure on-line sign up, the ability to check your account information and calling details on-line and the ability to use your computer to trigger a callback over the Internet. This service can also be used as a non pre- paid calling card when traveling in North America. The current rate when calling within the USA is only 11 cents per minute! For more detailed information about this service, go to:

We’re greatly indebted to Billy for tipping us off to this service. Thanks Billy!



The electronic page “Pueblos” is offering three new Spanish courses in World Missions along with other valuable resources. During the last two years Pueblos has had students from all around the world. Check it out at http// and for more information, Miguel You can also read a Spanish version of Brigada Today there — “Brigada Hoy” — along with the connection to several organizations throughout the Hispanic missions world.


WebWatch A new web site has been completed to reach out to Muslims. It highlights materials available to Muslims, free of cost, which point them to the Savior. They can hear two parts of an audio drama online, read several contextualized articles, link to an online correspondence course, order materials and email their prayer requests. This web site is being operated by India based, Beruma Ministry, at Email your feedback and inquires to


Intent (U.S. affiliate of Tentmakers International Exchange), is seeking to bring together individuals interested in Muslim ministries for regional Islamic Training Coalition Roundtables to formulate a consensus regarding the minimal competencies required to serve effectively as a Kingdom Professional (tentmaker) in an Islamic context. Attendees should have experience and/or expertise in one or more of the following: Missiology, Islamics as an academic specialty, Street practitioners in Muslim evangelism, Experienced missionaries among Muslims, Mission executives in organizations involved in Muslim ministry, Staff from specialized training institutes focused on Muslims, Staff of specialized research institutes with relevant expertise, Specialists in the design of continuing professional education. ITC Roundtables are working sessions. There are no fees, but attendance is limited to 15-25 people. If interested, write Larry Kendrick, ITC Director and Gary Ginter, Intent Chairman at, or call 708-763-8186 in the USA.


books Now you can read your way to understanding your Muslim friends. Try these books…
  1. The 99 Beautiful Names Of God by Dr. David Bentley (of Zwemmer Inst), available from Wm Carey Library, P.O. Box 40129 Pasadena, CA 91114 626-798-0819 or 1-800-Mission. An excellent add-on to your morning time with the Lord. Listing each of the 99 names in both Arabic and English, the comments which follow give the Biblical meaning of these names, as well as deeply thought through theological insights.
  2. Ethnic Realities On The Church: Lessons From Kurdistan By Bob Blincoe, U.S. Director of Frontiers and “Friends of the Kurds.” Insights from his work with the Kurds in America. From Wm Carey Library.
  3. Muslims And Christians At The Table by Bruce McDowell (of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia), and Anees Zaka, Founder of Church Without Walls. Published by P & R.(Presbyterian & Reformed) Publishing, P.O. Box 817, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 contains a wealth of helpful information.
  4. Free at Last? The Gospel In The African-American Experience by Carl Ellis, of Project Joseph (also a Board member of Westminster Seminary/ Philadelphia), published by Inter-Varsity Press.



virus Thanks to Terry, based in Spain, for sleuthing out some free antivirus software for all those who, for whatever reason, prefer not to buy from Norton or McAffee. Check it out at Terry says they’re publishing updates almost daily to keep up with new viruses being detected. Way to go, Terry!


The comics training and consulting ministry ROX35 Media, Inc. maintains the Christian Comics International (CCI) web site as an additional ministry service and resource. They have just added a new “Mailbag” section with answers to the many questions they receive about Christian comics. Also, they have revived the Christian Comics Catalog with almost 50 comics and cartoon books, in English, Spanish, Japanese, and (soon) in German, which can be ordered right on-line. The CCI website is located at: or write


The International Electronic Library is requesting directories of seminaries, Bible colleges, pastors’ training institutes and schools offering TEE (theological education by extension) in developing countries. If you are aware of any such directories, please write Wendy


Under the auspices of the World Evangelical Fellowship Missions Commission, 160 mission practitioners, missiologists and church leaders from 53 countries, met in Foz de Iguassu, Brazil on October 10-15, 1999. The purpose of the meeting was to reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing world missions at the dawn of the new millennium. The consultation produced an important document entitled “The Declaration of Iguassu.” It is available for review on the WEF web site:


Hmmmm. Nothing like waiting ’til the last few minutes of the millennium! :-) Anyway, maybe you’re in luck. Here’s a new site in Calgary to give you ideas…


Commit Ministries is offering a rather unique short-term opportunity to High School and College age students desiring to serve in a meaningful capacity this Summer. Commit is recruiting this team to help facilitate successful Vacation Bible School programs for needy churches on the outer islands of Hawaii. The program begins with training on the island of Oahu, July 6th and the student team returns home on August 14th, a total of five weeks. The cost per student is $2185 which includes RT airfare from just about anywhere in the US, most meals, camp style or better lodging, Interisland airfare, ground transportation, VBS training, and debriefing. Contact Jeff for more details.


Bible The “Injeel ash- sharif” is an Arabic translation of the New Testament that has been circulated for several years. The translator, an Egyptian Christian, has now finished the Old Testament to this translation.

The “Sharif” translation is different from other existing versions in several ways. First, it is written in simple Standard Arabic, so that even minimally educated people can benefit from it. Secondly, it is the only Arabic translation written to speak to Muslims in their own language. Other translations use ecclesiastical terminology and literalisms that can be either confusing or offensive to this audience. Thirdly, it is written using vocabulary which will be understood in the broadest range of Arabic-speaking countries, from N. Africa to the Gulf. Bible translators who have compared the existing versions have found this version to be the clearest, most natural, and most accurate translation in Modern Standard Arabic.

The Sharif, 4th edition, OT and NT, is due to be printed Christmas time. The publisher is offering up to 100 copies for free. You can get 200 if you’re willing to pay shipping costs. This edition promises to be quite an improvement over the last edition. If you’d like to take part, the publisher/translator insists on getting the following info, since the last time many addresses were incomplete and/or there were problems with delivery:

Postal address for Dec99/Jan2000
Email address
Fax (if available)

You can send your order to Thanks!



Grace requests your help! She is looking for stories about how the arts/ethnic arts have been or are being utilized in church planting among Muslims…arts such as visual arts, for example…If you know of such stories, please contact Grace with the information. If it is something that you would be willing to share in an upcoming Ethnic Worship & Arts Focus newsletter and in Brigada Today, she would be careful to observe issues of sensitivity. Thank you!


fax machine Just check out to see the details. Whenever anyone faxes to that number, it is sent to you via email attachment; all for free. As calls to the US are cheaper than to Europe generally, it should save people sending to you, and if you have your email forwarded, the fax will follow you all over the globe.


For an entire list of more free services on the Internet (including and many more), write to You’ll receive a complete list of free or low-cost services on the Net!

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