Down through the years, many Brigada participants have been so encouraging about what Brigada has meant to them. If you have a moment this week, would you please take a sec to share a Brigada memory, or a Brigada item that you ended up using? We’ll share one memory here to get things going: Several years ago, a ministry in Colorado brought out a new kind of world map that viewed the world in a different way. They released the map exclusively through a single item in Brigada. This was back during the days of fax machines. On Monday morning, they came in from their weekend and later wrote us that they could tell the Brigada item had been published. Their fax machine had scrolled out printed orders until the tray had filled to the brim. The mapmaker told us the story that the entire floor was flooded with orders to the point that the machine had run out of paper AND the fax machine’s memory was filled to capacity. They were astonished that their map had struck a chord – and that the Brigada audience was so interested.

Do you have a story like this?

Either way, if Brigada has been helpful to you at any point in the past, and if you’d like to undergird it going into the future, you’re invited. Just click to