Our thoughts and prayers are with all those caught in the maelstrom-in-the-sky called Hurricane Ian. You have to think about batteries (since the power will likely go out), water (since flooding will make all water supplies undrinkable), roofs (since many will blow off), and more. We’re praying for you today.

But what happens when you’re the leader of a mission conference focused on those willing to take a risk for the sake of the Gospel… and a near-Category-5 hurricane is bearing down on your conference hotel? Do you cancel or go forward? I (Doug) first met Ted Esler in 1998. He was one of the only missionaries who had decided to stay in the Balkans during the war. I guess if a person decides to stay put in a Balkan war zone, it should tell us something about his trust in God. The Missio Nexus conference is going forward this week even though many in the state sought to evacuate. May we all be so willing to face spiritual warfare. At the same time, please join us in praying for the 300-or-so delegates who were already there for preconferences. They’re the only ones in person at Missio Nexus this week. The rest of us (those flying in on the day the conference was to begin) were out of luck because the FAA closed both of Orlando’s airports. Pray for those hunkered down, praying, singing, and learning. Hundreds of us are joining them virtually over the app. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you count the cost for service, just as you’ve demonstrated it for gathering this week.