Over the years, Satphones have enjoyed surges of interest and high levels of use. And then – not so much. Key acceptance factors have ranged from a) prohibitive costs, b) limited coverages, c) stigma of carrying a satphone (the stigma that spies, drug dealers, and mafia types have been some of their best customers, right?), and d) easy and increasing cell towers. However, there are probably certain parts of the world where satphones are still the only option. So here are the questions:
a) Have you used a satphone lately? If so, would you mind sharing where it seemed advised? …and what model/service seemed to work best?
b) Did you encounter resistance at borders? Was there regulation in your ability to use the equipment widely? Did you feel like it compromised your image any?
c) After evaluation, did the use seem “worth it” when compared to the cost?

The presenting question by one Brigada reader was – “Which model and service should we buy/rent?” If you could at least share your opinion on that question, Brigada users would be grateful! Thank you! Just click “Read more” then “Comment.”