We’ve covered this topic before. (See, for example, https://brigada.org/2021/10/24_33505.) But technology morphs and changes. And THIS tech — the technology for staging/hosting hybrid conferences — NEEDS to improve, because hybrid conferences are hard work. Here are some of the questions we are all facing:

  • How do we give ‘virtual’ users the same ‘experience’ as the “in-person” attendees?
  • How do we “mic up” all the in-person attendees so they are all heard and seen equally with the online participants?
  • How do we vary the activities in such a way that everyone is included?

These are the questions that haunt our souls. Can you help? If so, please click “comment” and let us know how YOU are staging meetings. Point us to a website, a resource, a tool, a technique, a best practice, or even an old-fashioned book, if you prefer. Let’s do hybrid conferences better together! Thanks in advance for your help!