Is it just us, or does it also seem to you that organizations are cooperating at an unprecedented level to help the 6+ million refugees who have flooded across the border into countries like Poland. And it’s a good thing. If memory serves, back when I (Doug) was teaching in a Bible college in 1984, there were around 2 million refugees in the world (as defined by the UNHCR). Today, that number has swollen to over 10 times that number. And that doesn’t in any way factor in the growth of internally-displaced refugees that aren’t counted by the UNHCR. In fact, there are probably close to 90 million refugees worldwide as of May 2022. (Brigada estimate) So it’s gratifying that seemingly zillions of organizations are working together in shared ways for times like these. Imagine that in 2022, the number of refugees from this one upheaval is more than 3 times those who were refugees in the entire WORLD just 38 years ago!

Do you have a story that exemplifies cooperation among agencies in Europe for the sake of Ukrainians? If so, please click comment and share. (Just be sure not to share anything that would compromise security for anyone.) And thanks to all those who are working together in the common cause of giving help and hope to those on the run!