We’re excited about the MultiplyUs 3 conference investing in prayer for their next meeting. (The conference is actually going to PRAY instead of just TALK about prayer.) In fact, we’re excited about ANY emphasis on prayer these days. For example, we noticed that 24-7 Prayer has a course (on prayer that seems unanswered) starting Wednesday, the 17th of Feb. (Learn more and sign up at https://prayercourse.org/prayercourse2/). And YWAM Publishing, of course, has their new annual prayer diary at https://www.ywampublishing.com/p-2088-2021-personal-prayer-diary-and-daily-planner.aspx. But at the end of the day, we ALL just seemingly have to make prayer a priority. It just doesn’t happen because of a book or a course or a conference. We have to DO it – day by day, step by step. The org with which we work (Team Expansion) is in the middle of a 21-day prayer and fasting emphasis. (Watch a quick video about it at https://vimeo.com/499122717.) The emphasis is on “first and foremost, pray.” So – what about you? Do you have a tad of “imposter complex” because you TALK about prayer but are ashamed you aren’t really DOING anything about it? The fix is easy: It starts today, by praying. Start. Today.