These links could work for a “virtual Vacation Bible School,” activities for a “virtual mission trip,” or for missionary kids at a “virtual gathering of worker families.” Use them as they are, or use them to stimulate your thinking and expand your mind. There are zillions of curricula, idea kits, and more. Just click “read more” for the full list.

All New VBS for 2020 – Orange

Bolt VBS – Go Curriculum

Concrete and Cranes – Virtual VBS Day One – FSBCKW

Concrete and Cranes – Virtual VBS Day Two – FSBCKW

Concrete and Cranes – Virtual VBS Day Three – FSBCKW

Concrete and Cranes Virtual VBS – Week 1

How to Host a Digital VBS for 2020

LifeWay VBS

How to Include Music in Your Virtual VBS – LifeWay

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VBS 2020 Concrete and Cranes at SHC Virtual VBS: Bulldozer Crafts Week 4

Virtual VBS at Home – Ministry to Children

Virtual VBS Allows churches to Safely Connect – Baptist Reflector

Virtual VBS at Home: New virtual curriculum for Vacation Bible School 2020 – Ministry to Children