Brigada and its Editors are deeply saddened by the pain and ethnic tension that have been so clearly evident over these past few days in the USA. We are praying for healing, for understanding, and for meaningful action.

First and foremost, we recognize the need to begin with lament, repentance, and broken hearts as we fully try to comprehend the conflicts that have taken place in our community, and in our country, at every level and over many decades and at least a couple of centuries. As we seek to engage the global church with resources, information and trends for the Great Commission, we must also seek increased understanding from and partnership with people of color in America as well as overseas.

As a practical first step, we ask Brigada participants everywhere to join with us on June 5th for a night of prayer and healing. We also are establishing a fund, effective today, to help small businesses damaged by demonstrations, rioting and looting during the past few days. (We’re already in conversations to partner with several businesses damaged in the past two weeks.) Those wishing to give can simply use the “Donate” button at Any gifts given in the next 7 days will be used exclusively for this purpose. (Those wishing tax-deductible receipts may send a check directly to Team Expansion, 13711 Willow Reed Dr, Louisville, KY 40299. Please write in the memo line, “Heal America.”)

As we pray, we seek to alter the future by understanding the past. Our prayer is that God will work through us in a greater way to bring His Kingdom to all peoples through greater partnership with all peoples. We want God to use us to be part of the solution. Please join us.

Doug Lucas
Tina McCormick
and the entire Brigada family

(Note: Much of the above statement comes from ongoing conversations with the Leadership Team at Team Expansion, which is releasing a similarly-worded statement on behalf of its 350 missionaries serving in 50 countries worldwide.)