This collaborative event that Missio Nexus is hatching out seems like an awesome idea. The goal is to figure out what are the obstacles for health church/agency relations in regard to recruiting new workers, then clarify roles for an effective pipeline. Next, the event wants to formulate win/win propositions for both the agency and the church and then build a strategic roadmap for the future. This is great stuff – and Missio Nexus is exactly the org to do it. Mark Stebbins (the facilitator) is the perfect person to facilitate and Kansas City is an excellent location. I’m (Doug) going to ask someone from our agency to be there – and we’re going to offer to pay the way for someone from a close partner church. What about YOUR agency/church partnership? Learn more at…!event/2019/11/11/building-outstanding-church-mission-agency-relations-in-mobilization-mobilization