We asked recently about how one might learn to speak Somali. Here was one Brigada participant’s answer – which seemed fairly novel to us.
“I would find a mother tongue speaker of Somali to volunteer to add their language to the His Hands Reader. It only takes 30 hours. Then I would use the resulting His Hands Reader quad-lingual video dictionary on my smart phone to begin learning the vocabulary. Then go to Somalia and open a school to teach kids Somali and English using the videos.

“My interaction with the kids using the restricted vocabulary set of the His Hands Reader mother tongue literacy system would give me the relational practice to advance in simple grammar, with the added benefit that the kids learn to read Somali and English faster than me. All the hearing kids will “accidentally” learn hand signs and can go home and teach their deaf sibling who does not have a chance to learn otherwise. Now use Mandarin, Spanish, etc. as the 4th language in the quad-lingual video. This opens the door for others who speak those languages to join me in learning Somali. And the Somali kids can start learning Chinese. ;-) In 30 hours this can be done for any language — Not just Somali.”

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(Thanks for the response, Bob!)