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In this issue…
1) The Last Edition of 2015: Last Chance to Give to Brigada in 2015
2) ShortTermMissions.com and AskAMissionary.com Can Give You Answers
3) Tell Jesus’ Story As He Did: Through His Own Stories
4) Learn to Teach English as a Second Language in Asia
5) Maybe You Can Fly on a Hoverboard to Your Next House Church Group?
6) GMI’s Christmas Page Was Worth the Look
7) Why “More isn’t always Better,” or — “Please Train them Well”
8) Deepen your Roots in Knowledge at OC’s Research site
9) Morton Security Solutions is ready to Evaluate, Educate and Empower
10) Get Your 30 Days Muslim Prayer Guides in March…
11) Looking for Background Music for your Next Video?
12) SIL’s “Languages of the World” site is a Great Sourcebook
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: What was the Biggest Story in 2015? Your Opinion?
15) Closing Stuff