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In this issue…
1) Say Yes to the Pope: You or Your Church Hosting a Refugee Family
2) How Can Your Church Excel In Missionary Care? Find out at ICOM!
3) Over 7,000 Languages in the World: Which One is the Most Popular?
4) “Transforming Prayer” Book on sale for 99 Cents Through Sept. 29th
5) Adoniram Judson book (digital copy) for … FREE!
6) In Less than a Week: A Tablet for $49.99 (We’re not Joking)
7) Mobile Ministry Forum Offers “Mobile Ministry Made Easy”
8) Be a Part of a Human Prayer Chain, Oct. 3-4
9) Want to Serve Missionaries with Admin Gifts?
10) What’s Your Favorite Outliner for your PC/Mac/device
11) Fall in Love with Note taking
12) Join us in a Month of Prayer for Brigada
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The Backpage: There’s a whole lot of Good News Going On
15) Closing Stuff